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For domestic site work or industrial requirements, we provide a wide range of adhesive products suitable for any application.


We provide:


  • Chemical Anchors for heavy duty adhesive applications used in concrete and masonry.


  • For strong bonding, we have Contact Adhesives. For heavy duty and water-resistant bonding, our Grab and Hybrid Adhesives will be the best option.


  • We also have adhesives available for any of your building and construction applications like our Astro Turf & Rubber Matting Adhesives, Marine – Auto & Specialist Adhesives, Mirror & Glass Splashback Adhesives, Plasterboard & Coving Adhesives, Wood Flooring Adhesives and Tile Adhesives.


  • For simple crafts and easy building projects we offer a wide range of glues and adhesives like Wood Glue, Super Glues & Carded Adhesives and Glue Sticks and Guns.


Contact us for more information on any of these products. You may also browse our shop for more products like sealant tools and sealant gun

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