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Everbuild 526 Joinery D2 Wood Adhesive 5 Litre Box Of 4 JGWOOD5

Ref: QR23776
Everbuild 526 Joinery D2 Wood Adhesive 5 Litre Box Of 4 JGWOOD5
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Categories: Wood Adhesive, Wood Glue
Manufacturer: Everbuild


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Everbuild 526 Joinery D2 Wood Adhesive 5 litre Box 4 JGWOOD5






Everbuild 526 Wood Adhesive 5 Litre Box of 4

Trade Product Option: JGWOOD1

EVERBUILD 526 JOINERY GRADE WOOD ADHESIVE is a medium viscosity, resin based polymer emulsion which meets the water resistance requirements of BS EN204 D2. The product is also suitable for load bearing work as it conforms fully to the BS 14256 Sustained Load requirements.


Product Benefits:

Excellent rate of bond strength development.

Water resistance to D2 Classification – short term exposure to running or condensed water

Interior use.

Low timber staining characteristics - will not stain.

Creep Resistant.

Water based - environmentally friendly/easy clean up.



Woodworking and joinery uses, furniture manufacture and household /DIY internally


Product Limitations:

Not suitable for continuous immersion.

Do not use externally

Ensure wood doesn’t contain excessive moisture (<15%)

Do not use at temperatures below 10oC.

Note: drying time is extended at low temperatures.

Clean excess adhesive off glue line after clamping before adhesive dries with a damp cloth..

Sand off any excess adhesive before staining the wood.

Ensure sufficient clamping pressure, especially important with radio frequency bonding.

Use on Laminates: Only suitable for bonding small porous laminate strips. Do not use on non-porous or large areas of laminate. Use CONTACT ADHESIVE.


526 D2 Datasheets:


Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Safety Data Sheet



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5 litre Box of 4