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SIKA Sikaflex EBT Adhesive Sealant Beige Brown Black Grey White Clear

Ref: QR26598
SIKA Sikaflex EBT Adhesive Sealant Beige Brown Black Grey White Clear
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SIKA Sikaflex EBT + Adhesive Sealant Filler

White Grey Black Beige Brown or Clear


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The All New Sikaflex EBT Video

SIKA Sikaflex EBT + Adhesive Sealant Filler 300ml

Available Colours: White Grey Black Beige Brown & Clear


Sikaflex-EBT is a one part, gun grade triple purpose sealant, adhesive and filler of permanent elasticity. It is based on a special moisture cured polyurethane and is suitable for internal and external use.


Fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens - cabinets, shower trays, mirrors,

ceramic tiles, fittings.

Fixing and sealing roof tiles, flashings, gutters. Fixing and sealing architrave,

skirting, panelling, mouldings, acoustic tiling.

Fixing and sealing door and window frames.

Filling and sealing internal/external cracks.

Flexible draught proofing.

Gaskets for ducting, flanges, crimping and interlocking surfaces.

Aluminium fabrication and shop fitting.


Excellent initial grab and non-slip.

Adhesion on all cement based materials, brick, ceramics, glass, metals,

wood, epoxy, polyester, acrylic resin, plastics.

Fast cure rate.

Good weathering and water resistance.


Can be painted over with most water based paints then finished with oil or rubber based paints.

"As with all paintable products preliminary tests recommended as not all paints have been tested recomended to prime with acrylic or emulsion paint flexibility will depend on the paint applied."

High durability.

can be applied to damp surfaces, however a better stronger joint will be

obtained in the dry


All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry or damp and free from any surface contaminants such as dust, dirt oil, grease etc.

All loose particles, paint, laitance, rust and other poorly adhering materials should be removed. Surface should then be brushed to remove surface contaminants.

Sikaflex EBT Vimeo Video

Sikaflex EBT+ Colour Technical Data Sheet

Sikaflex EBT+ Colour Safety Data Sheet

Sikaflex EBT+ Clear Technical Data Sheet.pdf

Sikaflex EBT Clear Safety Data Sheet

Product Option

SIKA Sikaflex EBT + Adhesive Sealant Filler 300ml Box Of 12


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single tube
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Clear grey white beige black or Brown