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Sika SikaBond AT Metal Hybrid Adhesive Sealant Light Grey

Ref: QR27306
Sika SikaBond AT Metal Hybrid Adhesive Sealant Light Grey
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Sika SikaBond AT Metal Hybrid Adhesive Sealant Light Grey





Sika SikaBond AT Metal Adhesive & Sealer Light Grey

Product Option: SKBDATMETLGY

Barcode: 7612894455977

Product Description:

SikaBond AT-Metal.

Very good adhesion without priming on many metals and non-porous substrates.

Particularly suited for metals.

Elastic adhesive and sealant.

For use on porous and non-porous substrates.

SikaBond AT-Metal is based on Silane Terminated Polymers.


SikaBond AT Metal Uses:

SikaBond AT Metal adhesive for both internal and external sealing & bonding of metal façade, roof elements, roof coverings, cover plates, metal.

sheets, seam sealing, sky lights, sealing of metal cladding etc. aluminium, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel,

Sheet Metal, Roof Cladding, Metal Fabrication.

SikaBond AT-Metal also has good adhesion on porous substrates concrete, roof tiles, mortar etc.

Will also bond plastics PVC, Powder Coated Surfaces, etc.

Excellent workability.

Good initial tack and fast curing.


Good weathering and water resistance.

Silicone free.

Solvent free.

1-part Silane Terminated Polymers (PU-Hybrid technology, moisture curing).

Service Temperature -40°C to +90°C.

Chemical Resistance Resistant to water, seawater, diluted alkalis, cement grout and water dispersed detergents.


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300ml Barcode: 7612894455977
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Light Grey