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Geocel Geobond HG High Grab Flexible Caravan Adhesive Sealant White

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Geocel Geobond HG High Grab Flexible Caravan Adhesive Sealant White
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Geocel Geobond HG High Grab White Caravan Motorhome Adhesive Sealant






We Have Discontinued This Product See Alternative Below.



Sika Sikaflex 512 Caravan Sealant Adhesive White



Geobond HG High Grab Caravan Flexible Adhesive Sealant White

Barcode: 5033383016509

Product Option: 6001650


Geobond HG is a one part, high grab, maximum strength,

Flexible, universal adhesive and sealant.


Geobond HG Suitable For:

Bonding & sealing applications:.

Automotive and Caravan Sealant Adhesive.

Used in the construction and maintenance of motorhomes and caravans.

Commercial vehicle superstructure trims, rails, load lock, capping’s and chequer plate.

Modular building metal and wood, side, wall and floor structural bonding.

Flexible composite bonding of GRP, SMC, Carbon and Kevlar structures.

Not for use as a mirror adhesive use Dow Corning 817 Mirror and glass Adhesive.



Geobond HG is non-hazardous Isocyanate and solvent free, Marine and Auto Adhesive and sealant offering high UV stability resistant to yellowing, suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates, including GRP, SMC, Painted Mill Finished Aluminium, Steel including Stainless & Zinc Galvanised, Plastics, Wood and Glass.


High Grab Strength and fast initial grip.

Excellent Primer less adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

Tolerant to damp substrates.

No shrinkage.

High UV and aggressive atmosphere resistance.

Environmentally friendly.


Good abrasion resistance.

Ultimate high-strength once cured.

Excellent resistance to oils, solvents and moisture.


Geobond HG Technical Datasheet

Geobond HG Safety Datasheet


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Geocel Geobond HG High Grab Flexible Adhesive Sealant White Box Of 12


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