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Sealants & Tools Direct offers a variety of sanding tools including safety glasses, machine orbital sanders, hand sanders, grinders and a whole lot more. All guaranteed to make the work hassle-free and safe, we recommend the use of safety glasses which come in bifocal readings in +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0 strengths. Our safety glasses provide eye protection during the sanding process and come with extra bifocal readings. We also offer a wide range of electric sanders and polishers. Starting with a smaller 130-watt motor which is ideal for home use, the powerful 750-watt motors is perfect for industrial applications.


Visit Sealants and Tools Direct for all of your sanding tool needs. Our complete list can be found here.

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Air Powered Belt Sander 942944
£41.97 inc. VAT
GMC Electric Polisher 180mm 1200W 263825
£62.27 inc. VAT
Grinder 30mm Pin Spanner 101430
£2.66 inc. VAT