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Sanding Disks

Apart from the wide range of sealants we offer we also offer a wide range of sanding discs. The sanding disc is a circular abrasive paper that is commonly used to remove unwanted materials and flaws from any surface using an electric or cordless sander. Sanding discs are used to make a surface smoother before applying paint, to smooth out uneven edges or to create the finish that you want. They can also be used to make a surface rougher to prepare objects that are to be joined or sealed together.


Sanding discs are available in three garnet grits – coarse, medium and fine. All of the grits are open coated, which means only 40 – 60 percent of the disc surface is covered with abrasive materials. This is to maximise the longevity of the disc and to help minimise loading when used on the high speed mode of the drill.


One type of our sanding discs is pre-punched with 8 holes. The holes’ function is to extract the dust during the sanding procedure.


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