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Sanding Carbide Mesh

Sanding carbide mesh is appropriate for grinding and removing cutting fillings. Perfect for polishing and refining the finishing of floors, its grinding efficiency is 2 – 3 times more efficient than the usual abrasive tools due to the open format, very efficent compared to other sanding materials less clogging dust extraction from the surface is over ten times better.


The sanding carbide mesh at Sealants and Tools Direct is coated with silicon carbide grain on both sides. Its open screen is designed to resist and avoid clogging, as it has a range of between 100 – 60 Grit. Our mesh is suitable to use on plasterboards and rough timber, as well as for rust removal and metal polishing.


To order sanding carbide mesh and other sealant tool products, please contact us on 01626 333360.


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