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Sanding Belts

Sanding belts are helpful tools for shaping and smoothing wood metal and other materials used mainly on electric and air powered tools for rapid removal of paint wood and metal.


Sealants and Tools Direct offers a range of sanding belts that are made of aluminium oxide and are available in 4 different grits:


40 Grit Sanding Belt– has a very coarse grit that allows for the very rapid removal of material like paint.


60 Grit Sanding Belt– the 60 grit sanding belt contains a less coarse grit that is used in the hefty removal, stripping and shaping of wood.


80 Grit Sanding Belt– a medium sized grit utilised for sanding plain wood in preparation for finishing, moderate stripping and for the removal of varnish.


120 grit Sanding Belt– this contains finer grit for the light removal of materials and coatings, for surface blending and wood finishing.



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