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Foam Sanding Blocks

Foam sanding blocks can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. They are coated with abrasive grain. Their backing material is a soft foam that makes sanding more comfortable. They also contain aluminium oxide and silicon carbide that can adapt to all types of surface. These properties make them perfect for sanding, washing or contouring ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fibre glass and plastic. Foam sanding blocks are also suitable for wood carving and for either removing or applying paint.


Sealants & Tools Direct offers flexible foam sanding blocks in three grades: fine & extra fine, fine & medium and medium & coarse. With each grade available in dimensions of 70 x 100 x 22mm, you can get each of them for only £0.71, excluding VAT. Call us now on 01626 333360 to purchase.

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