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Diamond Cutting Grinding Discs

Diamond cutting and grinding discs from Sealants & Tools Direct are remarkably sharp and durable. Featuring an abrasive diamond substance that can precisely cut building materials including stones, bricks, patio slabs, concrete, tiles, flint and limestone, compared to classic cutting discs diamond-based alternatives produce less waste. Although they can be used for both dry and wet cutting, they produce better results when used for wet lubrication jobs the diamnond disc has becomne much more popular and i n most cases this is by far the most cost effective route to go down


The products we provide are categorised into two: concrete grinding diamond discs and turbo wave diamond cutting discs that come in different sizes. Ranging from £5.42 to £26.30, excluding VAT, call us now on 01626 333360 or email us at for more details.

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