Random Orbit Sander Sanding Pad Discs 125mm 240 Grit 10pk 206505

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Random Orbit SanderSanding Pad Discs Hook Loop

Product Option:125mm 10pk - 240 Grit



Product Description:

Aluminium oxide 125mm 240g Sandingdiscs.

For use with random orbitsanders.

Pre punched perforated with 8 holes for dustextraction can also be used on sanders with no dust extractionholes in pad.

You can extend the life of your discs byusing a sanding disc cleaning block this removes clogging simply andefficiently.

Grit Guide 60 grit is a coarser abrasive 240grit is a finer abrasive.

Option Text 240 Grit
Reference Code 206505

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