151 Clear Yacht Wood Varnish Spray Paint 250ml TAR035 - test product do not purchase

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The 151 Clear Yacht Wood Varnish Spray is a quick, effective and budget-friendly way to protect the wood on your boat or around the home. As part of our decorating range, it fits the needs of both professional and home DIY-ers, giving an easy solution that takes seconds to apply while offering many years of durability. At Sealant and Tools Direct, we're passionate about bringing the very best products to every single one of our customers. And, those manufactured by 151 are the perfect example of this.

Designed for use on wood, this long-lasting and durable varnish coating can easily withstand various weather conditions. It leaves a clear, durable coating that prevents scratches, paint loss and damage from impact. On top of this, the secure layer eliminates the absorption of water and moisture by the wood. This reduces the chance of mould or fungi growth, protecting the aesthetics and structure of the item equally. Because of its long-lasting and water-resistant properties, it is ideal for use on yachts, boats and other water-based vessels. All you need to do is clean the surface in question, remove grease or oil, and follow the instructions on the can to get the very best results. We recommend using this product in non-windy conditions and maintaining good ventilation when using it internally.

Sealant and Tools Direct is where you'll find the best products to support your DIY and home repair projects equally. If you would like to discover the full range of 151 products on our website or speak to a member of our friendly and experienced team, get in contact with us here today.

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