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Everbuild Hardwood Furniture Oil 500ml

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Everbuild Hardwood Furniture Oil 500ml
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Everbuild Hardwood Furniture Oil 500ml

everbuild quick drying hardwood natural furniture oil 500ml

Product Option: Everbuild Hardwood Furniture Oil 500ml

Everbuild Hardwood Furniture Oil a quick drying oil that penetrates deep to restore the natural oils and appearance of wood following the effects of weathering.

Provides a longer lasting protection than traditional teak oil, to all types of hardwood furniture, in particular garden chairs, tables etc.

For use inside or outside of the home.

Product Benefits

  • Quick Drying
  • Interior & Exterior use.
  • Restores and protect s the appearance of wood.  
  • Replaces the woods natural oils.
  • Long lasting all weather protection.  


  1. Remove all previous coatings from the wood and lightly sand to remove any excess or loose wood fibres.
  2. Ensure that the wood is clean, dry and free from dust or dirt by wiping with a cloth dampened with Everbuild White Spirit before applying Hardwood Furniture Oil.


  1. Apply Hardwood Furniture Oil liberally by cloth or brush, working into the grain, until the wood is saturated. Remove any excess.
  2. Re-apply as required once the previous coat has dried – approximately 2-3 coats are recommended, allow to dry for at least 4 hours between coats.



Hardwood Furniture Oil Technical Data Sheet

Hardwood Furniture Oil MSDS Safety Data Sheet


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