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Stanley 32mm Bradawl 0-69-014

Ref: QR26526
Stanley 32mm Bradawl 0-69-014
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Stanley Flat Blade Bradawl 0-69-014

Stanley Flat Blade Bradawl STA069014


Stanley Flat Blade Bradawl

Product option 0-69-014

  • Hardened, tempered and sharpened blade flat for efficient performance.
  • Nickel plated for protection against rust.
  • Virtually unbreakable plastic handle,
  • textured for improved grip.
  • The blade shaft is cranked to prevent it turning in the handle.
  • Total Size: 4 1/4 inch's - 115mm
  • Blade Size 1 1/2 inch's - 32mm
  • Tip size: 3/32 inch - 2.5mm

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