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Everbuild 704 Super White Powder Wall Tile Grout 3Kg GROUT3

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Everbuild 704 Super White Powder Wall Tile Grout 3Kg GROUT3
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Everbuild 704 Super White Powder Wall Tile Grout 3Kg GROUT3






Everbuild 704 Powdered Wall Tile Grout 3kg

Barcode: 5029347070427

Product Option: GROUT3


Product Description

EVERBUILD 704 POWDERED WALL TILE GROUT is a cement based powdered grouting compound with added PVA to promote adhesion. Simply mix with water to give a pure white paste. Can be used on wall joints up to 3mm. Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and shower areas. May be used internally and externally.


Product Benefits

Excellent water resistance.

Dries brilliant white.


Resists mould growth.

Fine fillers present will not scratch glazed tiles.

Interior & exterior use.

Extended open time - large quantities may be mixed for covering large areas.


Everbuild GROUT3 Datasheets:


Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Safety Data Sheet

704 powder wall tile grout-BAG.doc


Areas For Use

Grouting wall tiles on most surfaces up to 3mm joint width

Recommended for grouting domestic, communal and power shower areas.

Suitable for constant immersion; e.g. in swimming pool walls

Suitable for use with ceramic, quarry and natural stone tiles and mosaics.

Coloured grouts may be made by adding up to 5% by weight of


May be used on floors when mixed with EVERBUILD SBR 1:1 dilution with water


Important Product Options:

Always mix with clean fresh water.

Allow adhesive to dry thoroughly before grouting 24hrs on porous, up to 5 days on non-porous surfaces

Protect form running water and frost until completely dry.

Do not use where application would trap moisture within the substrate.

If joints are wider than 3mm, use EVERBUILD SBR as an admixture diluted 1:1 with water will increase width up to 15mm max

Never add further water once the grout has been mixed. This will destroy the strength.

Allow 3 days after grouting before using shower areas.



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Everbuild 704 Super White Powder Tile Grout 1Kg


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