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Everbuild Black Jack Self Adhesive Flashing Tape - 10m X 450mm

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Everbuild Black Jack Self Adhesive Flashing Tape - 10m X 450mm
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Everbuild Black Jack Self Adhesive Flashing Tape - 10m x 450mm


everbuild flashing tape 10m 450mm FLAS450

Product Option: Everbuild Flashing Tape 10m x 450mm

450mm Wide Strong self adhesive flashing tape

Aluminium foil and a bitumen rubber adhesive.

The adhesive forms a strong waterproof seal by the simply pressing the tape into place by hand or roller.


  • Replaces need for expensive lead flashing.
  • Self-adhesive requires no separate glue.

Areas of Use

  • General repair to existing flashing.
  • Flashing bituminous felt and similar types of roofs.
  • Flashing parapet walls.
  • Sealing roof glazing.
  • Replacing lost lead flashing.
  • Repairs to cracks in concrete.
  • Repairs to lead gutters.
  • Sealing capping bolts in roof sheets.
  • Sealing roof ridges.
  • Flashing between timber brickwork or blockwork cavities.
  • Flashing of skylights


  • Prime porous surfaces with Everbuild flashing primer.
  • Do not apply to damp surfaces.
  • In cold weather adhesion may be reduced.
  • Bring up to temperature or heat bitumen adhesive layer with a hot air gun to improve adhesion & pliability.
  • Awkward areas and tops of existing lead flashing can be pointed using Everbuild Lead mate or Sika lead and gutter sealant larger flat areas can be coated with Evercryl Fibre reinforced coating.


  • Surfaces must be dry,
  • Sound free from oil, grease and dust
  • Remove all loose material by scraper or wire brush.
  • Porous surfaces, such as concrete or brick, should be primed using Everbuild flashing tape primer.


  1. Cut to the required length.
  2. Peel beck approximately 5cm of release carrier and place the tape into position.
  3. Continue removing the release carrier whilst firmly placing the tape
  4. Avoid unnecessary creasing.
  5. Ensure intimate contact and ensure no air is trapped.
  6. Using a small roller ensure that all edges and overlaps are sealed properly.
  7. Overlaps should be at least 25mm.

Manufactures Page Everbuild.


450mm Flashing Tape Technical Data Sheet

450mm Flashing Tape MSDS Safety Data Sheet


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10m x 450mm
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