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Everbuild Sealant Polyethylene Backer Rod 10m X 20mm

Ref: QR23544
Everbuild Sealant Polyethylene Backer Rod 10m X 20mm
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Everbuild Sealant Polyethylene Backer Rod 10m x 20mm



backer rod 20mm 10 meters


Everbuild Backer Rod Polyethelene 20mm x 10m normally Grey

Product Option 20mm x 10meters

20mm Non absorbent compressible grey closed cell polyethylene foam backup material.

Insert into a joint to control sealant depth & create a backstop to allow proper Depth of sealant ready for tooling,

Normal joint requirement 2 wide to 1 deep but check with silicone sealant litrature



  • General Purpose Sealant backing
  • Together with Self-leveling sealant
  • Expansion joints
  • Irregular joints
  • Metal and pre-cast panels
  • Around perimeters of door and window frames,
  • Coping and glazing joints
  • Log Homes



  • 20mm Round polyethylene foam joint filler and backing for sealants and acoustic applications
  • Compresses easily for accommodating joints of varying widths.
  • Does not stick to sealants.
  • Non-stick closed cell skin.
  • High moisture resistance.
  • Compatible with all know types of sealants
  • Controls depth of the sealant in proper relation to joint width
  • Provides backing against which the sealant is applied, forcing the sealant to the sides of the joint
  • Prevents 3-sided bonding, ensuring proper function of sealant


Choosing the correct size:
Select a backer-rod diameter that is approximately 15 to 25% larger than the width of the joint to give a firm base.



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