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Aquaseal MBOND 395 Marine High Strength Adhesive 310ml - BLACK

Ref: QR25618
Aquaseal MBOND 395 Marine High Strength Adhesive 310ml - BLACK
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Aquaseal MBOND 395 Marine High Strength Adhesive 310ml BLACK

aquaseal 395 marine structural adhesive black 310ml


Discontinued Please see alternative product :

Simson MSR Marine Construction Adhesive Sealant in Black


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Aquaseal MBOND 395 Marine Adhesive 310ml BLACK

MBOND 395 is a high strength marine grade adhesive.

  • Based on advanced MS Polymer technology.
  • Designed for structural and dynamically stressed bonding applications in the boat, ship building and the maintenance industries.
  • Offers outstanding initial grab and anti-vibration bonding & bedding properties.
  • MBOND 395 is the performance adhesive choice for demanding sealing and bonding applications throughout the boat structure.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Universal application even on wet humid surfaces.
  • High initial grab.
  • High UV and salt water resistance.
  • Virtually odourless.
  • Free of solvents.
  • Free of silicones.
  • Free of isocynates
  • VOC free – non hazardous.
  • Over paintable.
  • High anti-vibration and sound deadening properties.
  • Permanently elastic.
  • Outstanding adhesion to marine substrates.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Grinding compatible.

Product Uses

  1. Bonding hatches, portholes, cleats, winches, deck fittings, electrical and light casings etc.
  2. Bonding sheer rails
  3. Bonding frames
  4. Bonding dynamically stressed panels
  5. Bonding and bedding of floor plates
  6. Bonding Consoles / Mouldings
  7. Skylights
  8. Winches
  9. Signs
  10. Braces
  11. Profiles
  12. Plates
  13. Fittings
  14. Nosing
  15. Fibreglass deck to fibreglass hull

DNV, IMO Wheelmark Certified Registration Number 0575

Marine Wheelmark



  • White,
  • Black


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