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Wynns Radiator Flush Cleaner 325ml 56064

Ref: QR28205
Wynns Radiator Flush Cleaner 325ml 56064
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Categories: Vehicle Related, Wynn's
Manufacturer: Wynn's
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Wynns Radiator Flush Cleaner 325ml 56064



Wynns Radiator Flush WYN56064




Wynns 325ml Radiator Flush and Cleaner

Product Option: 56064

Compatible with all Radiator cooling system components including aluminium and rubber.

Concentrated liquid which thoroughly cleans all automotive and static Engine Radiator cooling systems.


Wynns Radiator Flush and Cleaner will quickly and efficiently.

Removes rust,


Scale and oil deposits.

Provides improved coolant flow and a more efficient transfer of heat.


Recommended When.

Vehicle is overheating through poor heat transfer.

When there is a dirty or fouled radiator, cooling system or coolant.

When purchasing new anti-freeze.



Used for all water cooled systems of petrol and diesel engines.

Vehicle and static systems.

Especially useful for cleaning older cooling systems.


Will not correct mechanical malfunctions e.g. blocked or broken hoses.
Will not seal leaks in the cooling system or radiator.


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