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Sika Lead And Gutter Sealant 300ml Box Of 12 SKSILLEAD

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Sika Lead And Gutter Sealant 300ml Box Of 12 SKSILLEAD
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Sika Lead and Gutter Sealant 300ml Box of 12 SKSILLEAD




Sika Lead and gutter Silicone Sealant box of 12


Trade Product Option: SKSILLEAD Box of 12

Sika Lead & Gutter Sealant 300ml

Sika Lead and Gutter Sealant is a neutral curing, flexible, low modulus silicone based sealant

for bonding and pointing of lead and most building materials.



  • Low modulus.
  • High degree of movement.
  • Easy to apply and smooth off.
  • Durable and waterproof.
  • Excellent adhesion without priming.


Areas For Use

  • Sealing of guttering and downpipes.
  • Sealing and pointing of lead,
  • Sealing overlays in rigid sheet roofs.
  • As an alternative to mortaring in Lead flashing and sheet into brick, stone concrete & Metal.
  • Suitable as an expansion joint sealant.
  • Weather sealing & joint sealing to pre-formed panels.
  • Sealing soft metals such as lead copper & zinc.
  • Parapet and roof weather sealing applications.



All surfaces must be clean sound and free from oil dust and other contaminants.

Priming is not required for gap sealing between lead, brickwork and masonry.

Cut nozzle to required size and apply using a sealant gun.

Extrude Sika Lead and Gutter Sealant into the gap avoiding air entrapment and ensuring that it is in contact with all
surfaces. For details, limitations etc. contact Sika Limited.
Approximate Consumption: 15m of 5mm bead.



Do not use in conjunction with bitumen asphalt, neoprene and certain organic elastomers. Do not use on substrates that bleed oil, solvents or plasticisers. Use Everbuild Weather Mate


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