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Everbuild Wallpaper Stripper Liquid 500ml WALLSTP

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Everbuild Wallpaper Stripper Liquid 500ml WALLSTP
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Everbuild Wallpaper Stripper Liquid 500ml WALLSTP

Everbuild wallpaper Stripper Liquid WALLSTP

Product Option: 500ml

Everbuild Wallpaper Stripper Liquid

EVERBUILD Wall Paper Stripper is a highly concentrated solution of surfactants designed to help strip wallpaper quickly and easily.                                 

Product Benefits:

  • Makes up to 4 gallons of solution.  
  • Works on most types of wallpapers.

Product instructions:

Pour approximately ¼ of a bottle into 1 gallon 4.5 litres of hot water. Stir well and work into wallpaper with a sponge. Scoring the wallpaper beforehand will help penetration. This is essential with washable wallpaper. Leaves for 5-15 minutes to take effect then remove paper with a scraper or steamer. If there are several layers of paper process may need to be repeated. Protect carpets and furniture and mop up any spills of liquid immediately.

Product Documents:

Wallpaper Stripper Technical Data Sheet

Wallpaper Stripper MSDS Safety Data Sheet

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