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Everbuild Paint Brush Cleaner 500ml BRUSHCL

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Everbuild Paint Brush Cleaner 500ml BRUSHCL
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Everbuild Paint Brush Cleaner 500ml BRUSHCL

Everbuild Brush Cleaner BRUSHCL

Product Option: 500ml

Everbuild Paint Brush Cleaner

EVERBUILD Brush Cleaner is a thin solvent based liquid which removes wet paint quickly and effectively from brushes, rollers and pads. Works on emulsion, gloss and vanish and is water washable. 

Product Benefits:

  • Cleans up with water
  • Contains conditioner to prolong brush life.
  • Works on most common paint types.


Pour brush cleaner into a suitable jar. Immerse brushes and work liquid well into the bristles. Rinse brushes in clean cold water. For pads and rollers pour product into a suitable tray and work well into sleeve or pad. Rinse in cold water.


Everbuild Brush Cleaner MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Brush Cleaner Technical Data Sheet


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