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Everbuild Anchorset Green 300 Chemical Anchor Resin Styrene Free

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Everbuild Anchorset Green 300 Chemical Anchor Resin Styrene Free
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Everbuild Anchorset Green 300 Chemical Anchor Resin Styrene Free




  Everbuild Green 300 Anchorset chemical anchor




Everbuild Anchorset Green 300 Cartridge

Product Option: ANCHGREEN

Everbuild Anchorset 300 is a rapid curing two part chemical anchoring cartridge system based on polyester resin 

Applied in one single action to produce a cost effective, tough, chemical resistant fixing.

Anchorset is ideal for close to edge applications

No stress is placed on the surrounding substrate. 

Versatile in use anchorset is suitable for fixing wall ties, starter bars, studs, bolts or large screws

Use in brickwork, concrete, masonry, stone etc.


Areas of Use:

For internal and external use.

Anchorset Green is Styrene Free which makes it more suitable for "internal applications" as the smell is reduced dramatically.


Product Application:


Surface Preparation

Drill hole to the correct diameter and depth

For optimum results the hole must be coarse sided. 

If the holes are produced by diamond drilling the surfaces should be thoroughly roughened.

Remove all dust and debris from the hole using a hand or air pump

Bars or Fixings should be clean and free from oil or grease, all flaking rust should be removed.

Threaded rod or studs should be chisel ended to prevent them being unscrewed from the cured resin.



Attach the mixing nozzle to the cartridge

Place cartridge into a Chemical Anchor gun for 150 & 380p, 300ml can be used in a standard good Quality Gun.

Activate the hand trigger a few times until material passes through the mixing nozzle until an even colour is obtained

Do not be tempted to use material thats not a uniform colour.

Insert the nozzle into the base of the hole activate the trigger withdrawing the nozzle slowly as the hole fills

Insert the fixing slowly with a rotating action to the desired depth.

Excess Material should be cleaned off being carefull not to get in threads


Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Safety Data Sheet


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Anchorset 300 Styrene Free